Constantly Varied - High Intensity - Functional Movement                                   



HIIT Bootcamp Training

Mon - Fri 5:30, 6:30

Mon & Fri 7:30

@STACK Sports

101 Corporate Drive

Mahwah, NJ 07430






























































Strength Cycling Program

Day 1 and Day 4  

Squat: Front or back

Press: Shoulder strict, push, jerk, bent or side, and/or bench: incline or flat

Day 2 and Day 5

Deadlifts: Barbell or KB: Normal, snatch grip, sumo, luggage, 1 leg

Deadlift only once a week. Too much on lower back. Avoid bent-over rows.

Cleans: Barbell or KB

Week 1: 3x3

Week 2: 3x5 or 5x5

Week 3: 5-3-1

Week 4: 4-4-2