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MagsFit Mission

Establish a solid base of muscular strength, power, endurance, mobility and stability to physiologically and neurologically prepare the body for more advance training techniques.

Train the human system as it was intended to be functionally utilized by training the whole body.



Strength | Endurance | Gymnastics | TRX

PRE-Warm-up: myofascia release (supernova, lax ball, foam roller)

Monday 21218

Warmup: Turkish get ups (option: leg crossover and rollover)

12-9-6 reps 

Long cycle - clean and push jerk - 1 or 2 KB's

Rope climb

Tuesday 21318

Warmup: KB swings and front levers

3 rounds:

Deadlifts 4,4,2 reps

Clean and front squats 4,4,2 reps

Wednesday 21418

Warmup: Turkish get ups (option: leg crossover and rollover)

12-9-6 reps on each arm

KB snatches

KB swings

Thursday 21518

Gymnastic skills: handstands, levers, cossacks, 1 arm pullup holds ...

Friday 21618

Ladders: 1,2,3 reps for 3-5 rounds

KB Bent press - Heavy weight

Pistol squats - Medium weight

Saturday 21718

Gymnastic skills



Strength: To prevent from over training, rep range: 1-5, never go to failure. 2KB's for more mass.

Endurance: To prevent from over training, alternate every 1- 10 reps until you have worked up to suggested reps. KB's goal to go 10 minutes of olympic snatches and push jerks for 10 minutes.

WOD 2 Psalm 119:2

Blessed are those who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart

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