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Why I chose a career in fitness?  

I am a former pitcher in the St. Louis Cardinals organization. After four years of minor league baseball, I took my experience and knowledge and began running baseball clinics and camps, and coaching baseball at the collegiate level (Dominican College). While putting workouts together for my players, I realized how much of a passion I had for personal training. Fitness and Health have been a lifestyle of mine since my adolescent years.



Education, Professional Certification, and Specialties

B.S. Mathematics, MA Science in technology in Education 

ANGT - Runner up in the America's Next Great Trainer 2015

CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) Trainer 

NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine - Nutrition CoachPES Performance Enhancement Specialist - Golf Fitness Specialist CES Advanced Functional Movement Screening and Corrective Exercise - ISSA - Exercise Therapy Specialist 

CPR/AED certified – KBC 2 Kettlebell level 2 Instructor – IUKL Amateur World Champion - TRX Suspension Training  Functional Movement Progressions for the General Populations – Neuromuscular Stretching – Introduction to Reflexology - Coaching to Wellness and Exercise for Cancer Survivors  -  Low Back Savers

Played Professional Baseball (St. Louis Cardinals Organization) – Dominican College Baseball Hall of Fame - 6 Time All America - ING NYC and Long Branch, NJ Full Marathons, Spartan Sprint (Tuxedo, NY) and Super (Mountain Creek, NJ), Wyckoff Triathlon

Athletic Profile:



Clean and Push Press 240 lbs

Deadlift 455 lbs Sumo 465 lbs

Back Squat 495 lbs

Clean 300 lbs

Pullups 30

26.2 miles 3:47:50

5k 22min

Fast ball 92 mph

1000 meter Row 3:48

2000 meter Row 7:50

CrossFit WOD's @ the age of 40+

Fran 6:29

Isabel 135lb 3:25

Diane 7:52

Grace 135lb 4:37

Amanda 135lb 7:56

300 Spartan 185lb, 24kg 27:55

Helen 13:00

Jackie 10:16