Constantly Varied - High Intensity - Functional Movement                                   



HIIT Bootcamp Small Team Training

Mon and Wed 6:30-7:30 pm






























































Stretches and Mobility training 

Myofascia release for quadriceps

Myofascia release for traps

Form running WU drills

Dynamic Stretch routine

Band glute stretch

Band hip - glute stretch

Band Hip Single-Leg Squat

Band trap - chest stretch

Cobra - The Pump

Cossack progressions

Halos shoulders and triceps

1 leg reach hip rotation with bridge

Leg kick hip rotation

Downwood dogs - Inch worm


Shoulder dislocates

Shoulder trap mobility with bar

Shoulder stretches TRX

Shoulder mobility Halos - Ribbons

Shoulder mobility power wo

Skin the cat  gymnastics


TRX Side Lunge


Transverse rotational lunges

Windmills - Shoulder stability and hamstring, glute - hip stretch

KB full body mobility complex WO

KB full body WU + TRX Over head squats


Core stability

Bird dog


Exercises full body


Burpee - deadlift

1 arm push-up to 1 arm luggage dead lift

Inverted burpees


Push-up to KB clean

Push-up to pull-up

Push-up to reciprocal KB snatches

Zercher walks functional training being creative 

Wall ball toss



Ab rollouts

1 leg eggroll

Full contact twist (Standing Russian twist)

Hollow body on floor - progressions

Hollow body on rings

Hollow and Arch

MagsFit plank

Push-up position plank

TRX sit-ups

Spiderman pushups

Towel Halos - great for shoulders also

TRX Pikes - Tucks - Isabella on KB's

TRX pike push-ups

Lateral step up



Air squats

Back squats

Goblet squats

BB Front squats

KB front squats

KB cossacks

Over head squats 

TRX Over head squats

Split squats - 1 arm over head

1 Leg pistol squat - Gena - Mags 88lbs

1 leg balance squat with foot held

Zercher squats



Cross lunge - dragon walks

Step backward 1 arm over head lunge

Step forward lunge

Side lunge

Limbo side lunge

Lunge rotations



KB 1 arm high pulls

KB 2 arm high pulls

KB back rows

DB back high rows on bench

Lat shrugs

Plyo rope climbs


BB cleans

KB bottoms up cleans

KB cleans

2 KB hanging cleans

Medicine ball cleans

Lunge clean and push press

Split jump reciprocal KB cleans


KB Luggage Deadlift

BB Luggage Deadlift

Barbell Deadlifts - grip

ALL Deadlifts

KB sumo deadlift


KB Olympic Snatch

KB power vertical snatch  

Reciprocal KB snatches



KB dead swings

Diagonal swings

KB swings

2 KB swings

1 arm KB swings

KB flip swings

Reverse Swings


Ham-glute raise

Ham-glute plyo push-up


Human Get Up

Turkish Get Up 

Turkish Get up with a leg crossover

Squat Get Up

Squat Get Up with leg crossover

Prone position1 leg reach KB snatch



DB bench press

Hand-stand push-ups

KB Iron Cross

KB Bent press

Landmine press

Push Jerk

Push Press


Shoulder strict push away press

Seesaw shoulder press

Shoulder mobility - power wo

1 arm pushups

KB Sott's press    Alternating KB Sott's press


KB flip clean to shoulder press

Lunge clean and push press


Arch and hollows

Hollow body

Front lever progressions

Free handstands - wall spot

Muscle ups to press handstands

Egg rolls - 1 or 2 legs

Plyo rope climbs



Atomic push-ups

Back rows


Chest press (pushups)

Over head squats

Pikes - Tucks

Pike - push-ups


Tricep extensions




Workouts + CrossFit WODS


Basketball WO

Golf WO

Soccer WO

Wrestling WO